Reaching a Child Support Agreement 

There are many reasons child support negotiations become necessary. You may be a single parent who needs financial support, or a parent who does not have custody but has been asked to pay child support. You may also be going through a divorce and have children with your spouse. Child support attorney Donna Smiedt and her legal team in Arlington, TX, can help you negotiate support that meets the needs of the child, but is also feasible for the paying parent. Call (817) 572-9900 or contact us online to schedule a case review.

How Child Support Works

Children have the legal right to benefit from the income of both their parents. Child support is intended to ensure the proper care and upbringing of the child or children. 

Child support can be ordered:

  • When married parents divorce or separate
  • When only one of the unmarried parents of a child has custody
  • When a third party has custody instead of either parent

In these cases, the court can order non-custodial parents to pay a certain portion of their income to the individual with whom the child lives. Additionally, child support payment plans can be determined by the parents during a mediated or collaborative divorce proceeding.

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Donna can help determine a child support amount that is feasible for the paying parent while serving the child's best interests.

Determining Payment Amounts

In Texas, the non-custodial parent pays a certain percentage of their income to the primary parent to cover essentials for the child. This percentage is usually set at about 20 percent of income. However, the number can be changed based on mitigating factors, such as the custodial parent’s income as well as the needs of the children. 

Whether you are seeking child support or being asked to pay, Donna can help you navigate the complex rules surrounding child support agreements.

In the event of a change in your circumstances, you may need a modification to the amount of child support. Changes that justify an alteration of your agreement may include an increase or decrease in:

  • The payer’s income
  • The cost of living
  • The custodial parent’s income
  • The child’s needs

If you need to modify an existing child support payment plan, Donna Smiedt and our team can help you seek an increase or reduction. 

What If Your Spouse Does Not Pay?

Due to the prevalence of divorce and unmarried parents in the United States, the government has formed state child support enforcement agencies to ensure custodial parents are protected. Often, the enforcement agency will work with the court to implement a child support withholding order. In these cases, the child support amount is automatically deducted from the payer’s paychecks. If you experience difficulties in receiving the child support you are due, our team at the Law Offices of Donna J. Smiedt can help you take action. 

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Whether you are seeking child support or being asked to pay, Donna can help you navigate the complexities surrounding child support agreements. Our team can also support you during your divorce proceedings to ensure a fair child support outcome. Contact our office online or call us at (817) 572-9900 to find out how the Family Law Offices of Donna J. Smiedt can help you negotiate a child support agreement.

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