High-Asset Divorce

Child custody, support, and property division during a divorce are always complicated processes. When foreign assets, insurance policies, and trusts are involved, it requires an attorney who understands how to ensure that these valuable assets are divided fairly. Donna Smiedt is a high asset divorce attorney in Arlington, TX, who can protect your best interests. Her team has helped many clients through divorces involving especially valuable estates. She can navigate complex property law as well as prenuptial and post-marital agreements. Call (817) 572-9900 or contact us online to book a case review.

What Constitutes High-Asset Divorce?

High-asset divorces frequently involve:

  • Domestic and foreign real estate
  • Trusts
  • Privately and publicly held companies
  • Life insurance policies, proceeds, and annuities
  • Rights and royalties to oil and mineral deposits
  • Professional practices and partnerships
  • Patents or other intellectual property
  • Stock options
  • Domestic and foreign employee benefit plans
  • Money market and other financial accounts

At the Family Law Firm of Donna J. Smiedt, Donna and her team understand how to locate and assess all domestic and foreign assets. 

Property Division

Under Texas law, all property is assumed to be community property and divided accordingly. Since Texas is a no-fault state, community property is often divided equally between both spouses. However, certain property may be considered separate if you can prove it was acquired prior to marriage or by gift or inheritance. 

divorce papers

The team is here to help ensure that your assets are divided fairly.

The division of community property can become especially complex when assets are commingled or hidden. In some cases, you may need to file a financial restraining order to prevent your spouse from changing the financial status of your estate before the final divorce agreement is settled. 

Prenuptial or Post-Marital Agreements

Well-drafted prenuptial or post-marital agreements can be an effective way to protect valuable property and minimize conflict. However, these documents can also greatly affect divorce proceedings. Many Texas courts require separate contract litigation to explore the terms of the agreement and the conditions under which the documents were signed.

Whether you are the higher- or lower-earning spouse, it is crucial that you have an advocate who can ensure your property is protected.

Depending on the language of your contract, you may need to contradict certain aspects, such as asset value or debt obligations. Our team can protect your best interests during a prenuptial or post-marital agreement litigation. 

Why Hire an Attorney?

Whether you are the higher- or lower-earning spouse, it is crucial that you have an advocate who can ensure that your property is divided fairly. Donna Smiedt and her team can help you take a detailed inventory of all assets, including those more difficult to quantify such as stock options or retirement accounts. 

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If you are considering a divorce and are concerned about how the value of your estate will affect the proceedings, contact our office online or by phone at (817) 572-9900 today. Donna and her associate can evaluate your case and begin ensuring that you are protected. Our team performs a wide range of divorce services, including divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.

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