Mansfield Family Law Attorneys

Family law issues and the way they are resolved can permanently change your life. 

Our law firm is led by Donna J. Smiedt, a Board Certified Family Law Attorney – Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Family Law Specialist. 

She capably and compassionately handles a complex array of family law cases for clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Mansfield, TX, and beyond. 

Understanding Family Law

Family law is the practice area that pertains to divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, property division, adoption, and any other legal matter involving families. With a family lawyer on your side, you can protect yourself, your children, your assets, and your future.

Our law offices in Arlington and Southlake provide families facing changes with compassionate legal representation. We want our clients to feel heard and able to navigate their cases with a clear mind.

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We Can Help With Virtually Any Family Law Issue

People in the DFW area, from Mansfield up to Plano, come to our specialist-led team for help in the following areas and more:
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Child Custody

Losing custody of a child is a nightmare that can become real if you are not well-represented legally. This can lead to immeasurable harm to both you and your child. In Texas, judges determine child custody based on what is in the best interest of the child. If we cannot come to a mutually agreed-upon custody arrangement with your ex-partner, it is incredibly important to have attorneys on your side who can demonstrate to a judge that you retaining custody of your child is the right decision. 

Custody agreements sometimes need to be changed to better serve both parents and children. We can seek modifications to existing custody arrangements. This can become necessary if one of the child's parents enters a new marriage or relocates for a job. Another reason many in Mansfield come to us is because they never received a fair custody agreement to begin with. If another attorney failed you, we can fight to have your child custody restored. 


A divorce may be long-brewing or a sudden shock. Regardless, the initiation of a divorce can lead to both overwhelming emotions and legal issues. Our team is trained in collaborative law and mediation, which gives us a better ability to resolve divorces peacefully out of court. Sometimes your ex-partner may make this impossible. Our specialist-led team is confident in taking divorce cases the distance to protect your rights. 

We have handled both straightforward divorces and complex, high-asset divorce cases that involve considerable estates, foreign assets, and complex property law. Property division frequently becomes the most fought about aspect in a divorce. Our attorneys know how to accurately evaluate property value and ownership to make sure the division of property is fair to you.

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Divorces Statistics in Texas and Mansfield

Texas is ranked among the states with the lowest divorce rates, with a rate of 1.5 per 1,000. According to Census Reporter, 4% of men and 14% of women are divorced in Mansfield, TX.


Though many couples can work out their differences, you shouldn't feel like you have to for the sake of not becoming part of this statistic. Sometimes it truly is the best course of action for both parties to end a relationship so you can move on to a healthier future. Our family lawyers are here to guide you toward a resolution.

"If you step into the Divorce ring, you need the very best to help you from a divorce attorney...That would easily be Donna. Her depth of knowledge in Divorce Law, Process & procedure is second to none... She will successfully guide you to a resolution you will be happy with... After going through a challenging divorce with Donna representing me, I ended it by considering her not only the best attorney I could have selected, but a friend." Lee Fedornak

Financial Support

Child Support

Child support arrangements should be robust and very clear. Our team is able to deliver on both of these requirements for a variety of clients in need. These include single parents who need child support, non-custodial parents who are forced to pay child support, couples undergoing divorce, and people who are suffering from poorly created existing agreements. 

Spousal Support

A divorce can lead to sudden and severe financial loss. A partner's missing income can make simple day-to-day life hard to lead. You may be tempted to handle this issue on your own by getting a second job or avenue of income. Instead of making your life harder, you can talk to our attorneys so we can fight for the spousal support you may be entitled to. 

We Also Aid
in Adoption


People who seek adoption are often shocked when their act of love is met by a seemingly impossible-to-navigate bureaucracy. Trying to adopt without a family attorney can lead to frustrating delays and further issues down the road. We can help you adopt from biological parents, private agencies, foster care, relatives, and even internationally. Our team can secure your adoption rights now so you can focus on raising your new child. 

Nuptial Agreements

Some people seek us out to help with family matters that are not contentious at all. Instead, these are mutual financial agreements that both partners want to enter to protect their rights. Prenuptial agreements are created before marriage and allow each partner to protect their existing property, clearly outline financial responsibilities, and plan ahead in the event of a divorce.  

Postnuptial agreements are entered into by already married couples. One reason a postnuptial agreement is used is to make sure children from a previous marriage will receive future inheritances. Another is if a formerly working spouse quit their job to focus on raising their children and they would like to secure a certain amount of financial support in the event of a divorce. 

Domestic Violence and Family Law

Domestic violence is an urgent matter that must be handled with tact. We can help represent clients in all types of situations.

If you're in an abusive situation, you need to protect yourself and your children. Put an attorney on your side so you can do it legally. Our law offices can advise you on the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your children from an abuser.

Being accused of domestic violence can impact the outcome of your divorce or child custody proceedings, in addition to making mediation impossible. Our family lawyer can bring false accusations to light or help you explain that an incident was a misunderstanding.

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Every member of our team is laser-focused on making sure you and your loved one's rights are protected in the eyes of the law. That being said, we do not sacrifice compassion for the sake of winning advocacy. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere to help our Mansfield clients through trying times, such as by bringing divorce therapy dogs to our law office.

This is just one of the ways we make our clients feel welcome and at home, allowing them to take their minds off of their issues while we work on solving them. To talk to attorneys who can achieve your goals while reducing your stress, simply reach out to us today.

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Donna Smiedt Team

Remarkable Reviews for Our Mansfield-Area Law Firm


Marie Williams

Arlington, TX


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Very professional and friendly practice. I would highly recommend Donna and her team..Any of my questions or concerns have been quickly addressed each time I had to reach out. The entire process is handled with respect and they do understand that having to deal with custody issues is a sensitive subject.

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Linda Olson

Arlington, TX


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This is one of the very best law firms in town!!! The whole team worked to help my situation and were very successful. Very passionate and compassionate. Went out of their way to help and went above and beyond what anyone could have ever expected!!! I will HIGHLY recommend!

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Who Is Donna J. Smiedt? An Attorney in Your Corner

Donna Smiedt has stood out for her skill and knowledge from youth through becoming a highly recognized family law attorney. She has distinguished herself as an:

Advanced Academic

Donna moved to the United States from South Africa at age 14. She immediately adapted to our country and graduated from high school just one year later. Her rapid academic achievements continued with her receiving her bachelor's from Southern Methodist University at 19 years old. At a time when many students are still adjusting to college, she enrolled in law school and earned her law degree at just 22. She is deeply proud of this achievement. 

Highly Lauded Lawyer

Mrs. Smiedt's high achievements continued once she became a full-fledged attorney. In 2013 Fort Worth Magazine named her a Top Attorney. In 2018, Arlington Today's readership voted her as Best Family Law Attorney. She has also earned an AV rating from the well-known attorney evaluator Martindale-Hubbell. AV is the highest rating they offer, and is bestowed by fellow lawyers who believe she meets elite levels of legal skill and integrity. 

Compassionate Advocate

Donna is a lawyer who understands the importance of matching her legal knowledge with compassion. Since beginning to practice law in 1986 she has dealt with a vast spectrum of cases and people. This gives her a deep understanding of how to win while alleviating stress. The fact that she has been married for more than two decades also reassures clients. They know that at our law office they are receiving help from a believer in marriage, not a jaded attorney. 

How She Became
Board Certified
as a Family Law Specialist

Less than 1% of Texas attorneys have earned board-certified specialization in Family Law. A significant requirement for her specialization is active participation in a certain amount of family legal proceedings, including contested final trials, civil trials, and mediation matters.

Other qualifications include 60 hours of family law continuing education, vetted references from lawyers and judges, and the passage of a 6-hour family law exam. This specialization also requires recertification every 5 years, meaning you can trust that Donna has continued to stay at the top of the family law field. 

Donna Smiedt

"Their preparation and dedication to my case was outstanding."


Meghan Matthews

Arlington, TX


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I have been working with Donna for over a year. She is very knowledgable and also kind and empathetic. They take their time with everything they do and not only that but they really care about their clients and the families they work with. I would recommend Donna to anyone because I have worked with other lawyers and she really is the best.

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niranjan agnew

Arlington, TX


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The entire team at The Family Law Firm was excellent in every aspect of my custody case. Donna J Smiedt was fantastic. Everyone was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process. Their preparation and dedication to my case was outstanding. I have and will continue to refer anyone going through a challenging situation to speak with Donna and her team.

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Allow Us to Alleviate Family Law Issues

Family law can be stressful, whether it's a joyous milestone like adoption, a distressing divorce, or a contentious child custody battle. Clients in Mansfield and the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area know they can put their trust in attorney Donna J. Smiedt since she is a true specialist in family law. In fact, many judges and lawyers choose us to represent them in their legal affairs. Call (817) 572-9900 or write to us to speak with family lawyers who can truly advocate on your behalf.

FAQ About Family Law

Do I really need help from a law firm?

While you can represent yourself in court, it is not advisable to do so. No matter the family law issue, you have a lot to lose. Our Arlington and Southlake attorneys serving Mansfield and beyond know how to navigate the law and secure the best possible outcome for you and your family. Don't risk a negative outcome just to save yourself a little time and money.

Why do you recommend mediation?

Mediation provides a divorcing couple the opportunity to settle things amicably. While a divorce can result in a judge making decisions you may not agree with, through mediation, both parties can get as close to their ideal outcome as possible. Mediation also allows you to save some money and arrive at a conclusion faster.

What are the consequences of not paying child support or alimony?

Not paying child support or alimony can result in you being found in contempt of court, ultimately resulting in fines and jail time. If you're struggling to pay your child support or alimony, our law firm can help you make modifications to your payments so that they're fair.

Mansfield Can Rely On Us


Grady Aldarondo

Arlington, TX


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Without a doubt Emily, Donna and Melissa are extremely experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who will fight for you! We are so greatful to this team!!!

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Chanel Aldarondo

Arlington, TX


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Donna, Emily and Melissa have been nothing but amazing! If you’re in need of a lawyer who is going to have your back definitely use them! 10 out of 10 recommend

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the team at The Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt

The Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt

The Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt is the premier destination for clients who need representation during a divorce, adoption, or other family law matters. Donna J. Smiedt has been in practice since 1986 and is a Board Certified Family Law Attorney – Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Her other professional affiliations include:

  • Texas Bar College
  • Arlington Bar Association
  • Tarrant County Bar Association
  • Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists

To schedule a consultation at our Arlington or Southlake, TX, law firm, contact us online or call (817) 572-9900.

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