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Premarital Mediation

Creating a prenuptial agreement can be extremely stressful, and could lead to heated arguments between future spouses.

Premarital mediation allows couples to resolve conflicts while drafting a prenup, which can avoid difficulties during marriage and divorce.

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Premarital mediation can benefit you in a multitude of ways. No one wants to consider the possibility of divorce, but having a carefully considered plan in place that was created in a collaborative environment involving both you and your partner can save you significant grief and money. Consider it an insurance policy that you hopefully never have to use.

At the Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt, our family law attorneys can help you become prepared for virtually any change that occurs in your marriage by addressing matters of child support, child custody, assets, debt, and more. Best of all, a collaborative approach can help to ensure that the prenup reflects the best interests of both you and your partner. Call us today or request a consultation online.

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What Is Premarital Mediation?

Premarital mediation is a way for you and your future partner to openly discuss the particulars of your relationship in a safe, comfortable environment. Instead of dealing with potentially ugly negotiations between competing attorneys, you can work together with your future spouse and a disinterested mediator. This process sets an early, positive standard of communication and collaboration that you can carry with you as you begin your lives together.

The mediator facilitates the conversation. They help you and your future spouse discuss your prenuptial agreement, which includes financial obligations in case of a divorce. The mediation process also allows you and your partner to go over other aspects of the marriage not covered in a prenup that could be a source of disagreement, such as child care and pursuing higher education.

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While a prenup can prevent many economic hardships, a poorly thought-out agreement can do far more harm to your marriage than good. Prenuptial agreement mediation allows couples to express concerns openly and draft a mutually beneficial prenup together.

The Benefits of Premarital Mediation

Productive Discussions With Your Spouse

Without a mediator, you and your partner may have prenup conversations that go in circles. A mediator can keep you both on task, and make sure you talk about pertinent matters that will affect your marriage.

Receive Third-Party Legal Insight

As mediators, we do not take sides. We try to listen to both you and your partner, and find solutions that address the needs of both parties. Premarital mediators can offer a much-needed outside perspective.

Share Premarital Concerns Openly

Premarital mediation can cover topics outside the scope of a prenuptial agreement. If you're concerned about child custody in the event of a divorce, we will give you space to share your thoughts.

Ensure Fairness in the Prenup

Some prenups protect the spouse with more money and assets, putting one spouse at a severe financial disadvantage. Mediators can identify instances of unfairness to avoid hurt feelings and ensure the prenup won't be invalidated.

Compromise to Reach Agreement

Mediators ensure that couples collaborate on the prenuptial agreement and reach consensus on marital disputes. This collaboration doesn't just protect spouses in a divorce but can strengthen their marriage as well.

Start Your Marriage on the Right Foot Contact The Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt

No couple wants to start their marriage with feelings of animosity, yet the process of creating a prenup can strain a relationship. That's why The Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt offers mediation for couples drafting their prenuptial agreement. Mediators help avoid heated conflicts and strive for compromise and mutually agreeable arrangements.

Attorney Donna J. Smiedt have helped mediation clients throughout Arlington, Southlake, and Westover Hills, TX. We take time to mitigate the emotional toll of premarital disputes so you and your future spouse can start your marriage on an amicable note.

For more information about prenuptial agreements and mediation services, contact our law firm online. You can also reach our lawyers by phone.


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Attorney Donna J. Smiedt has worked with divorce and premarital mediation clients throughout Tarrant County.

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Mediators encourage open communication and the ability to discuss your marital expectations. These legal services can help couples avoid nasty fights during marriage or lengthy court battles during a divorce.

How Premarital Mediation Works

Mediation means both spouses are entering into the agreement willingly and that neither individual is treated unfairly.
Mediation means both spouses are entering into the agreement willingly and that neither individual is treated unfairly.

Sitting Down for Mediation

During a mediation session, you and your future spouse sit down with a mediator from our team. We will foster a welcoming environment so everyone feels comfortable speaking honestly and openly about their concerns.

Topics You Can Review

In most premarital mediation sessions, spouses discuss current and future assets, financial expectations, spousal support (alimony), and tax issues. We can even talk about subjects not included in a prenup, such as child custody and visitation.

A Guided Discussion

We will work through disagreements and any points of contention together. As we reach compromises, we can discuss how these will be reflected in your prenuptial agreement. Your mediator will keep you both on task every session.

Mutually Acceptable Solutions

No matter how many sessions are required, we will make sure couples are able to draft a prenuptial agreement that is mutually beneficial and enforceable. Mediation means both spouses are entering into the agreement willingly and that neither individual is treated unfairly.

How to Suggest Mediation to Your Future Spouse

If you and your spouse can't resolve your pre-marital differences on your own, mediation may sound like a great option. But bringing your spouse on board with the idea can be tricky, especially if they are hesitant to involve another party.

We recommend that you pick a time when both your own and your partner's emotions have cooled. Be open, and emphasize the benefits of working with a mediator. You can also suggest working together to find a mediator so your partner feels more involved with this decision.

Try not to force the issue with your partner. If you need help, you can reach out to our law firm. We can offer additional suggestions that may change your spouse's mind about the helpfulness of mediation services.

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Speak with a Lawyer About Your Prenup Contact The Family Law Firm of Donna J Smiedt

If you're having trouble drafting a prenuptial agreement, it may be time to speak with an attorney about mediation. Many couples benefit when a third party mediates conflicts in order to come to an amicable agreement. Attorney  Donna J. Smiedt have helped clients throughout Arlington, Southlake, and Westover Hills, TX. They are ready to listen to you. Contact our law firm online or give us a call to learn more.

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What to Bring to Your First Session

Preparing for your first premarital mediation session helps the process run smoothly. It may even reduce the number of sessions you need to complete your prenuptial agreement.

Our family law attorneys recommend bringing:

  • Pay stubs from the last three to six months
  • Tax returns from the last two years
  • Credit card statements
  • Bank account statements
  • Summaries of your retirement accounts
  • Information on your investments

Gather any financial documents you believe could be helpful in determining your current and future assets. It's important that you be as honest as possible during mediation and while drafting your prenup. Hiding assets can impact the future validity of your premarital agreement.

How Long Does
Mediation Take?


The mediation process can take a few sessions to several weeks, sometimes longer. It really depends on the issues a couple needs to resolve before they can move forward with their prenup. Our family mediation team will help parties negotiate on their own terms and at their own pace. We want everyone to come away with solid footing, good feelings, and sense that their prenup is fair.

Explore the Collaborative Approach Call today to plan now!

Marriage is a collaboration. Why shouldn't the process of putting protections in place for both partners be the same? Our Arlington attorneys are here to serve as neutral third parties who can help you and your partner approach a delicate process with empathy and understanding. In fact, mediation could potentially bring you and your partner closer together due to the open and honest communication that drives the entire process. It can also significantly reduce the risk of one partner feeling slighted if a time ever comes for the prenup to be enforced

If you and your partner are considering a prenup, you owe it to yourself to explore premarital mediation. Our attorneys have helped many clients start their lives together on the right foot using this approach, and we can do the same for you. To get started, just give us a call:

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Additional Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

Prenuptial mediation allows couples to discuss matters that go beyond property division and financial obligations. The team at our Arlington, TX, family law practice can help you work through different issues that may be contentious, including child custody, visitation rights, and child support. We may even discuss spousal expectations, such as childrearing and higher education.

While these additional matters might not make it to the finished prenup, we can help couples find mutually acceptable compromises that can help get their marriage off to a good start. Again, our focus will be on communication and finding common ground.

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Future Children and
Premarital Mediation

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Some clients come to us saying they have no plans for children. However, it is always best that both parties cover all possible outcomes in the event that your marriage dissolves. Working with a neutral third party to arrange child support and child custody agreements ahead of time can save you significant time, money, and heartache later. Our mediators can help you develop a plan that protects the best interests of children you may have in the future.

An Investment In Your Future

We understand that a prenup can be expensive even without a mediator. However, this added investment can make a divorce far less contentious if your marriage comes to an end. For example, Texas has some very narrow laws regarding spousal support (often known as alimony in other states), with strict requirements that must be met. A prenup drafted in a collaborative way can allow both partners to walk away without having to face a financially uncertain future.

Our Arlington firm offers an affordable consultation in which we will develop a contract with fees included so that you know what to expect before we start mediation. We also offer financing to help you make it more affordable by breaking up the total cost into manageable monthly payments. Investing in a mediated approach to a prenup can save both partners time, money, and strain in years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need an attorney to represent me if I choose premarital mediation?

It's a good idea to have an attorney on your side no matter how you and your partner choose to draft a prenup. During mediation, your lawyer can help you submit terms that serve your best interests, and make certain that the terms your partner submits will not infringe upon your ability to thrive if your marriage comes to an end. Having discussions between you, your partner, your respective attorneys, and the mediator as a group can set a tone of trust and cooperation that could benefit your relationship with your partner for years to come.

How is a mediated prenup different from a non-mediated prenup?

The biggest difference is that a mediated prenuptial agreement is drafted with the help of a neutral third party. The mediator works to ensure that both parties' needs and concerns are addressed, and helps guide them toward an agreement that leaves everyone feeling confident and safe about life after the possible dissolution of a marriage. Prenuptial mediation also ensures that the terms are discussed openly with both parties. By contrast, a non-mediated prenup involves one party's attorney drafting an agreement, submitting it to the other party, and continuing this exchange until both parties are satisfied. An important difference between these two methods is that a mediated prenup involves close communication between the parties rather than an impersonal exchange between attorneys focused solely on their client's best interests.

Who finalizes a mediated prenuptial agreement?

Whether your prenup was drafted through mediation or any other method, the terms are finalized by the courts. No matter how the prenup becomes agreed upon by both parties, the final signed document will be submitted to the courts and upheld in a court of law in the event of a divorce.

I have other questions about premarital mediation. Can you help?

Yes. When you schedule a consultation at our Arlington, TX, law firm, we take the time to discuss all your questions and concerns to ensure that you understand what is involved in premarital mediation before we begin the process. We are also available by phone and online for questions or concerns before your scheduled consultation as well as after. 

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